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“How Do You Generate Leads For Your MLM Business?”

This morning I was checking out an article database that I’ve started using lately, when I noticed a question had been posted in the marketing section by a fellow network marketer named Dickinson.

The question is one that I get all the time (and you may be wondering yourself), so I decided to help him out and share a few pointers that I’ve learned over the past 10 years.

There was a problem though.

I took some time and wrote out an article-length response since I wanted to actually provide some value vs. just saying “check out my blog!”, but evidently the response was too long to be posted!


Screw that, I’m not going to lose all that work so I’m posting it here. I sincerely hope you see this, Dickinson!

Hi Dickinson,

That’s the magic question, right? :D

The thing about generating leads online that many get wrong is that you have to lead with A LOT of value to your prospects. From your profile, it looks like you’ve been in the industry a little while and likely have a lot of knowledge that you could share with people.

Truthfully, even if you’ve only been in for a few months, you STILL have a lot of knowledge you could share with people who are looking for the type of opportunity that you offer. More than you realize, my friend.

Anyways, a couple of things to keep in mind:

1. Brand Yourself, Not Your Opportunity – With whatever marketing you do, you need to present yourself as a LEADER who’s going to provide value to your prospects, because here’s the harsh truth: your prospects don’t care about your company. My prospects don’t care about my MLM company. What care about is that they perceive you as a person of value with a lot of knowledge to share that will ultimately help them become successful. Work on Dickinson Eddy the brand in everything you do.

2. Lead With Value – I kind of mentioned this in the beginning, but here’s what I mean by leading with value. I noticed that your articles are keyword-targeted to make it easy for people to find them. That’s what want, right? :D So once someone clicks on your article, reads it to the end, there needs to be a place they can go to get to know you better and to get a taste of the knowledge you have to share.

For me, it’s my blog. People can go there, read more of my stuff, read about my background, and if they like what they see, they can get access to some cool marketing videos by opting into my list. I’m giving them value up-front with my articles and videos in exchange for the small act of giving me an email address, and they will because the information they’re going to receive is valuable regardless if they decide to join my business or not. Does that make sense?

For my lead generation, I prefer utilizing low-cost or free methods like video and article marketing, and social media like Facebook, blogging, and Twitter.

Many people advocate pay-per-click to start, but personally I didn’t have great success with it since there’s a pretty steep learning curve if you don’t want to waste a ton of money. If you have a analytical mind and enjoy constant tweeking and tracking, then PPC is a great way to go as long as you have a way to gather your prospects contact info (capture page).

You don’t want to be sending paid traffic to a company replicated website! :D

Lastly, I’ll say that it’s my strong opinion that if you don’t have a blog to send your prospects to, get one asap! Putting an email address at the end of an article and saying “contact me with questions” isn’t the way to go. Again, by having a blog to send them to, it’s a low investment action on their part to click a link vs. sending a full blown email to someone they just “met” 30 seconds ago at the top of your article.

Well, I hope that’s helped, Dickinson! Looks like I accidentally wrote most of my next article, so thank you for that.

Have a great day, my friend, and best of luck!

Brian Rakowski


To YOUR Lead Generating Success,

Brian Rakowski
Regenesis Health and Wellness

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Green Tea and Weight Loss

I love green tea. Really, any kind of tea is alright in my book but when it comes to simplicity and pure health benefits, especially when trying to get rid of a few extra pounds, it’s hard to beat. Plus, it’s a very inexpensive way to kick up your metabolism and lose weight fairly quickly.

Since I’d imagine you don’t want to read a science report, I’ll skip over exactly how green tea (or more specifically EGCG, a polyphenol found in green tea) promotes weight loss, but it simply blocks an enzyme from breaking down noradrenaline in the brain which ramps up the part of your nervous system which controls muscle tension and the release of energy from fat. So when your metabolism is increased, you burn more calories while you go about your day.

Good stuff, right? According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2005, people who consumed 270mg of EGCG daily burned an average of 180 extra calories per day when compared to a placebo. That breaks down to losing approximately 22 pounds per year by simply sipping on green tea!

The study went on to say that the 270mg was the “optimal concentration” of EGCG since the results showed that higher doses didn’t burn any additional fat or calories. What that means is you only need to drink about 3 cups of green tea (or take 270mg of green tea extract) per day to help kick up your metabolism. It’s super easy to do especially if you make it a gallon at a time to ensure that it’s always available. Worst case, Starbucks has really good iced green tea as well.

Exercise + Green Tea Extract = Knockout Punch For Fat

At least if you’re a mouse, that is. There was another weight loss study where the researchers fed 3 groups of mice a high fat diet. Next, they put the 3 groups of mice on a weight loss regiment consisting of either pure exercise, green tea extract, and a combination of the two. What happened?

  • The exercising mice lost 24 percent of the added weight.
  • The mice taking just the EGCG (green tea extract) lost 47 percent.
  • The group of mice who got both lost 89 percent of the weight they gained.

The key is these results were achieved over a fairly short period of time, so I guess that means you should pop some green tea extract, jump in one of those big balls and go for a run! Maybe not, but it’s good to know that there’s something natural and inexpensive you can do to step up the fat-burning effectiveness of your workouts.

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