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Launched in late 2009, Asea’s primary product is a misunderstood nutritional supplement which is causing a lot of people to claim that Asea is scam. When you look at the label, it’s easy to see why they’d think that since, well, the ingredients are Sodium Chloride and water. In case you didn’t do so well in chemistry class, Sodium Chloride is the proper name for salt.

Is Asea Really a Salt Water Scam?

Initially, my reaction was similar to many people in that I thought this product was just a slick way for Asea to package something worthless and sell it as a revolutionary new health supplement, but instead of stopping there like so many people do, I decided to see if there’s something to the scientific claims they were making.

Asea Reactive Molecules

The science behind  their flagship product is based on two types of natural substances that are produced by the body called “reactive molecules“. These substances are used by the body to accomplish to main things:

  • Slow down the body’s natural aging process by activating antioxidants that are already present.
  • Support your immune system to aid in healing by helping repair your body’s natural cell damage.

As you can see, these substances are extremely important to the body in order to maintain good health, but through things like stress, poor nutrition, and everyday toxins we’re exposed to, the body starts to produce less and less of these vital molecules. Not good, right?

Where Asea came in is they took over 16 years worth of research into these molecules (aka Redox Signaling Molecules) and overcame the primary challenge of being able to produce stable molecules outside of the body. The result is a very interesting product that, as you can see, people are quick to refer to as some sort of “Asea scam” instead of taking the time to do some research.

Asea’s Leadership Team

When you’re reviewing a company like Asea, it’s important to take into account the experience of it’s leadership team to get an idea of their potential longevity as a new enterprise. ASEA’s founders, Verdis Norton and James Pack, bring a 50+ year combined history as high level executives in major corporations such as Kraft Foods and various companies in the telecommunications industry, respectively.

It’s unclear if they have any prior experience in the MLM industry which is something that I always look for in a company as well. There have been some instances of companies in the past who decided to get out of network marketing, and my opinion is that’s partially because when the corporate leadership doesn’t have industry experience, it’s easy for them to sit in a board meeting and say, “Let’s do something else!”. The last thing you’d want is to potentially lose a business that you’ve spent time and energy building.

Due to the nature of Asea’s products, I wouldn’t be too concerned about this happening.

Asea Compensation Plan

Asea uses a traditional binary compensation plan which means your business is built with two separate “legs” (sort of like an upside down peace sign). Every month you earn a 10% commission on the sales volume of the smaller leg with additional bonuses being paid out depending on your sales volume. These include:

  • Retail Sales Differential (Difference between wholesale and retail price paid by customers)
  • Preferred Customer Bonus ($25 every time one of your preferred customers purchases a case of product at the wholesale price of $120)
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Director’s Bonus ($50 bonus each time one of your personally sponsored Associates achieves the rank of Director)
  • Check Match Bonus
  • Leadership Pool Bonus (ASEA reserves 2% of the total company sales volume for it’s top Associates)

Lack of Real World Training May Lead to Failed Distributors Calling Asea a Scam

To be fair, the vast majority of network marketing companies provide the traditional MLM training of “make a list of all your friends and family, invite them to a hotel meeting every week until they join or stop taking your calls, then do it again.” It’s not that this system doesn’t work since that’s exactly how many of the six and seven figure businesses were built in the 70′s and 80′s, but the truth is this method isn’t the best approach for everyone. Yes, if you carry a lot of influence with your friends and family, this is a very effective way to build your Asea business.

Where companies like Asea fall short is providing training on how to effectively market your business using methods like social media and the internet. My recommendation is to find a mentor who is successfully building a business online and offline who can show you what it takes to create an absolute dynasty for yourself and your family by using a real network marketing system.

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Asea in any way and am providing my opinion that Asea is NOT a scam and is legitimate opportunity based on my 10 year history in the industry.)

To YOUR Ridiculous Success,

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