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Even though Nikken is a 35 year old network marketing company that does business in over 37 countries, some people often wonder when they’re looking at the company for the first time, “Is Nikken a scam?”. It’s smart to do your research, so here is some brief information I found that I hope will help you in your journey.

In 1975, Isamu Masuda had vision to start a company that are based on the five pillars of optimal health, which are a healthy body, mind, community, finances, and family. Without all five, he thought, one couldn’t reach their true potential of health and happiness. Sounds good, right? With that in mind he invented Nikken’s first product, Magsteps magnetic insoles, which were conceived through the universal desire for everyone to be free from aching feet and drain it has on your entire body. The design was inspired by the pebbled design of the floors in Japanese public baths which were coupled with magnets to truly energize the body. Since the beginning, the majority of Nikkens‘ products have incorporated magnets into their design including massagers, bedding products, footware, and even water filtration products.

Is Nikken Using Pseudo-Science To Scam Customers?

It all depends on who you ask and if you put any stock into traditional, alternative health practices or if you prefer to go the pharmaceutical route. Some people will say that they feel less fatigued and have an overall better sense of well being while others may feel no difference at all with magnet therapy products. This is something that you’ll need to be aware of if you’re considering building a Nikken business since you may encounter some skeptics along the way who may look at the technology as being a scam without actually doing their own research. Considering the company has been around over 30 years and has a great reputation with its products, I would be overly concerned about the skeptics.

Nikken’s Leadership Team

It’s important to take the leadership team into consideration when you’re reviewing a company like Nikken for the first time, because the overall direction the company takes is based on their actions and expertise. I’m glad to say that Nikken’s entire leadership team has a long history of success, and most importantly their President, Toshizo (Tom) Watanabe, comes from a network marketing background. That’s good to see since it shows that the company has a commitment to the industry and likely wouldn’t entertain the idea of getting out as some companies have done in the past.

Review of the Nikken Compensation Plan

There are basically 5 different ways that you can earn money as an independent consultant with Nikken:

  1. Retail profits of the sale of products of up to 30%.
  2. Wholesale profits from rebates as you progress thorough the ranks.
  3. Performance & Leadership bonuses up to 6% on each level of your downline.
  4. Residual Income as you mentor and train your team.
  5. Incentive Programs that can pay for your car and home.

Some Failed Consultants May Call Nikken a Scam Due To A Lack In Real Marketing Training

Unfortunately, many companies like Nikken provide the same old MLM training where they tell you to make a list of everyone you’ve ever met, have you call them endlessly until they attend a hotel meeting or change their phone number, and show people how to do the same. The same training has been given across the MLM industry for the past 60 years with almost no adjustments to keep up with the modern internet age of marketing. To be clear, you absolutely should talk to people offline about your business just like you would if you bought a franchise or started any other type of business, but you need to incorporate an online network marketing system as well in order to be in contact with enough people to have a chance at success. Does that make sense?

My recommendation is to learn the necessary skills to generate a massive amount of leads for your Nikken business, or any other network marketing company you choose to join, so you don’t fall into the group of people who are claiming there’s some major “Nikken scam” going on when it’s obviously a legitimate business opportunity.

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