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If you’re reading this, it’s either because you’re looking into joining Shaklee as a distributor, or you’re already involved in Shaklee and you’re wasting time reading blog posts when you should be concentrating on your money making activities. :D

Anyways, I wanted to share a few quick tips on how to find a good sponsor in Shaklee, or how to be a good sponsor for your new people (regardless of your company affiliation). However, I do have a couple of personal qualifications which I think you should seriously look at before you join (if you haven’t yet) that are vitally important to the long-term success of your Shaklee business.

1.  Make sure that the person who is sponsoring you isn’t a chronic ‘company jumper’. In my opinion, the worst person in the world to get involved with in network marketing is someone who is hopping from company to company all the time.  You know what I mean? Make sure that they are with Shaklee for the long term, residual income and not to build up a team and just to steal them away to another company.

One thing that I’d suggest you do is talk to your sponsor about their network marketing background. Is Shaklee their first company or have they been with multiple companies over the years? If so, does their reason for switching make sense (having a company go out of business, lack of support, etc.) or do they have the habit of jumping around to the “hot new opportunity” of the week?

2.  Make sure that your sponsor isn’t sponsoring you as a Shaklee distributor by saying things that are completely unrealistic. Now, in my experience Shaklee hasn’t been plagued by complaints of outrageous income claims made by it’s distributors (“Join us and you’ll make a million dollars in the next 30 seconds!”), but to be fair no company is immune from the actions of a few dishonest people. If in doubt, be sure to take a look at the actual average incomes that Shaklee publishes each year, which are based on the real average incomes earned by its distributors (by rank) that were reported to the IRS.

On a side note, sometimes people join multi-level marketing but they never want to pick up the phone and talk to someone, and they expect to build a business by checking their email and waiting for the millions to magically appear in their back account.  I’ve chosen to build my business primarily using the internet, but that doesn’t mean I never pick up the phone to connect with prospective Shaklee distributors.

Network Marketing IS NOT strictly a “marketing” business.

Like it has been for the last 50+ years, it is a relationship business and even if your sponsor is brand new – make sure that they are committed to building a long term relationship with you and will likely still be in business with you next year.

3.  Make sure that your sponsor is plugged into the company system. Shaklee distributors have access to a proven, time-tested system that works whether you’re building online or offline, and it’s extremely important to the long-term sustainability of your business that you’re not trying to completely “re-invent the wheel”.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about embracing new tools and methods which will help me be more productive, but at the end of the day it’s all about sticking to a system that’s proven to help people get results.

Lastly, even if your sponsor is brand new to the business, you should have no reservations about joining them because we all work together as a team in Shaklee. There are weekly conference calls by established leaders and “up and coming” business builders where we all share what we are doing to be successful, and we’re more than happy to answer any questions that you may have as you’re getting started.

That about it for today, friends – if you’ve got a sponsor who’s COMMITTED (even if they don’t have all the answers yet), I suggest that you consider working with them to become a Shaklee distributor, because your leadership team will still help you to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

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To YOUR Success,

Brian Rakowski


Me With My Little Sister

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Recently, Shaklee filmed a hometown profile of sorts featuring my partners, Shawn & Carmen Grey, which talks a little about all the success they are having from their home in sunny Fargo, ND. :D

Actually, the last time I checked they had  built the largest international organization in the entire company which goes to show you that you can accomplish amazing things, regardless of where you live, through the leverage that the internet provides.

Great job, you guys!

Until Next Time,

Brian Rakowski

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As a distributor for Shaklee Corporation, the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S.*, we are very proud of our manufacturer’s 50+ year heritage of providing health and wellness products that are based on a simple but revolutionary philosophy:

* Look to nature to provide direction for safe, natural, life-sustaining products.
* Use no ingredients that would cause harm to people or the planet.
* Guarantee product performance through scientific research and clinical testing.

Safely Natural, Purely Effective, Always Guaranteed

This same philosophy, more important now as it has ever been, continues to drive their development of natural health products of uncompromising quality, safety, and effectiveness.

From the very first bottle of Vitalized Minerals to the recent introduction of Get Clean, their Earth-friendly home care products, millions of loyal customers across the globe have come to trust Shaklees’ products.

With Shaklee’s 100% money-back guarantee on their products, our business partners know that their customers will always be taken care of. It’s no wonder the average Shaklee customer has been using their products for over 14 years!

Purity Testing

Shaklee guarantees the absolute purity of their ingredients. For example, every new shipment of botanical ingredients goes through exhaustive third-party testing for purity, including testing for over 350 potential contaminants. Due to their unwavering commitment to using only the purest ingredients, Shaklee has never had a product recall in its 50+ year history!

State-Of-the-Art Manufacturing

The way they make their products is just as important as what they put into them. Shaklees’ patented processes and cutting edge manufacturing facilities are designed for the highest quality possible, and just to be sure, they do over 83,000 quality control tests each and every year.

Proven Potency and Clinical Performance

They also guarantee that what you read on the label is what’s in the bottle. With over $250 million invested in research and development, Shaklee supplements contain precise amounts of active nutrients for the most possible health benefits for your customers. But don’t take our word for it. They have 90 published clinical studies in peer-reviewed scientific journals which show exactly that.

Demonstrated Benefits

Fifty-Four Olympic gold medalists have been powered by Shaklee products. In fact, Shaklee is the official nutrition sponsor of the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding.

But if that doesn’t convince you of the kinds of results our products deliver, just ask the millions of people who use Shaklee products in their lives everyday to achieve great things.

To YOUR Success,

Brian Rakowski

Me With My Little Sister

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