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TVI Express has hit the market in the USA with a fury and power that is rare in the home business industry.  Because of the reputation I’ve built in the Network Marketing industry, I’ve been approached by over thirty people in the past few months who were looking for my opinion on this opportunity. Since I’ve seen a number of really good people get involved, I want to take a few minutes today to answer a few of the common questions that you may have about TVI Express – including the big one, “Is TVI Express a scam?”

First, BEFORE we go any further, I am absolutely NOT a representative of TVI Express, and the opinions in this article are my own, and are based on my understanding of the MLM industry over the last 9 years and working with distributors  in different companies all over the US.

I was very interested in TVI Express when it was first launched in the US, mainly because of the incredible amounts of money that distributors were claiming were being made from from such a low entry cost into the business.  Actually, I even had a lady I met through a local cooking class offer to pay my enrollment fee after she found out about the list of people I’ve developed over time. I guess she figured the $250 investment would be nothing compared to the money she’d make by sponsoring me and my team.

Unfortunately for her, she’d didn’t know that I have a strict rule which essentially says that I absolutely WILL NOT endorse anything that I haven’t used personally, so I decided to take a closer look at TVI Express. What I found made my jaw hit the floor (literally, it hurt!).  Here’s what I found:

What Does TVI Express Really Sell, Anyways?

One concern that I have for anyone that is considering joining TVI Express is that the exact product they sell isn’t clear. All I know is it’s travel-related (Airline tickets? Motel 6 coupons?), but if I pay $250 and sponsor only 2 people, I’ll be $15,000 richer . So TVI collects $750 total and pays out $15,000 (cue ominous music here)?

The first thing I look at with any Network Marketing opportunity is whether or not the product/service I’d be marketing has REAL value to my consumers, or if the product is just a reason to trade money around to a bunch of gullible “opportunity” seekers.  If you offer a product with ACTUAL value, Network Marketing is an extraordinarily profitable, stable industry if you learn how to build an organization the right way.

Is TVI Express A Ponzi Scheme?

Here is the biggest issue I have with TVI Express:  In order to make money in TVI Express, you need to “cycle” through what they call the express board, and every time you cycle you make a cool $15,000.  Like I said before, it costs about $250 to join TVI Express, and it’s a one time up-front cost.  So how do you pay $250, recruit 2 people who pay the $250 fee, and make $15,000?

Simple.  Loads of other people are getting involved with the company and paying $250 to start, and AS LONG AS THAT KEEPS HAPPENING, people will continue cycling through the express board.  However, the second the insane growth stalls (and it always does), there’s really no consumable product to keep the pay checks coming for the distributors.

So in my opinion, eventually the vast majority of the people who get involved with TVI Express won’t be able to cycle through the express board at all, because the ponzi will become saturated.

Normally, once a company reaches saturation, a distributor will still make money because the commissions are based on the sale of an actual consumable service or product.  I don’t believe that’s the case TVI Express.

Should You Join TVI Express?

Great question! If you’re looking to make some quick money that could likely be seized by the FTC Madoff-style, I sincerely wish you the best of luck.

Just be sure not to recruit anyone that you actually like…

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