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I’m a very health-conscious person, so it only makes sense that I’d take an interest in learning about products and companies that are to help me stay as healthy as possible. Having abs chiseled from the finest granite and being able to bench press a Ferrari isn’t an accident, my friends. :D

Ok, maybe granite isn’t exactly what you’d compare them to…

Anyways, now that’s it’s not 105 degrees everyday here in Austin anymore, it got me thinking about cold and flu season and the steps that I’m going to be taking to prevent myself from catching Donkey Flu (I’m calling it) or whatever the next pandemic is going to be. Through my research, I came across an article that talked about a natural immune-boosting substance called transfer factor and a network marketing company called 4 Life that manufacturers a product with some interesting potential, so in the spirit of what this blog is all about, I’d like to share some background information about 4 Life so you can determine for yourself if it’s a scam or a great opportunity.

A Brief History of 4 Life

In 1998, 4 Life was founded by David & Bianca Lisonbee  based on the mission of “building people through Science, Success, and Service” and by licensing the first patent on the transfer factor extraction process, they were able to bring 4 Life Transfer Factor to the people of the US. The science behind the 4 Life Transfer Factor is based on the same biological process of how  infants acquire immunity directly from their mother’s milk, so the 4 Life Transfer Factor works to boost other peoples immunity by ingesting these substances. Isn’t science amazing (even though we don’t have hover cars, yet)?

Is 4 Life a Scam or Legit Business Opportunity?

That’s the Million Dollar question, isn’t it? There are a number of factors to consider when looking at any opportunity, but the easiest way to determine 4 Life is a scam or real business opportunity is to answer for yourself what exactly it is that they sell (health and wellness products). If you can’t clearly understand what product or service a company is selling, that’s the first indication that you should probably run!

Checking 4 Life’s rating on the Better Business Bureau’s website is another good place to start that will give you an idea of how they handle complaints, if their distributors are satisfied, etc.

Some Points To Consider

When I reviewed the 4 Life compensation plan, AKA the Lifetime Rewards Package,  I thought it looked pretty solid with good payouts to its distributors through commissions on its’ products, like 4 Life Transfer Factor and others, and bonuses for recruiting and sales volume.

Here are a couple of points that you’ll want to address to your potential sponsor to determine if 4 Life is going to be a good opportunity for you, because at the end of the day, isn’t that what’s ultimately the most important factor to consider?

  • Personal Monthly Recruiting Quotas – In order to be promoted through 4 Life’s leadership ranks, you have to personally sponsor between 4-12 new distributors every month with a 100 LP (Life Point) order. You’ll want to find out two things:
    • What kind of activity will it realistically take to hit those MLM recruiting goals every month?
    • What happens to your compensation if you are unable to meet those goals (you get busy, go on vacation, etc.)? Do you forfeit something?
  • Monthly Sales Volume To Get Promoted – To reach 4 Life’s top leadership level of Platinum International Diamond, one requirement is that your entire group has to sell 1,000,000 LP (Life Points) per month in volume. Based on my business, that seems like a huge requirement to me to reach the top level, so you’ll want to find out a couple of more things from your sponsor:
    • What is a reasonable time frame to reach the upper levels of 4 Life compensation plan? Can it be accomplished in a few years or will it likely take (substantially) longer?
  • The Team You’ll Be Joining – Here’s a very important fact that can easily make or break your chances of being successful in 4 Life (or any network marketing company): you have to be apart of a good team with strong leadership in place to help you get started. This is critical! Without strong leadership to show you exactly what you need to do to succeed, you’re going to waste a lot of time and money “spinning your wheels”.
    • Ask your sponsor if they can tell you about the team you’d be joining. What kind of training do they provide? How do they recommend that you build a business? Is that method a good fit for your personality/skill set (example: they say to keep calling everyone you’ve ever met when you’d rather learn to market properly and leverage the internet)?

So there you have it, my friend. I hope this has given you some good information and has helped you determine if 4 Life is a scam. In my opinion, it’s a great company with solid products (especially the 4 Life Transfer Factor), and I would have no major reservations about joining as long as you feel it’s the best opportunity for you.

If this helped, please show me some love and share this/leave me a comment (even if it’s just to say hi)!

(Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with 4 Life in any way and am providing an unbiased review based on my years of experience in the network marketing industry)

Here’s To YOUR Unlimited Success,

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