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When it comes down to getting a huge amount of free, targeted traffic your MLM recruiting website (funnel), there are few things that can beat a good article marketing campaign. For example, take MLM rockstar David Wood. He successfully used article marketing to get something like 250,000 people to visit his MLM recruiting website over the past year and has had days (not a typo) where he’s personally sponsored 100+ distributors into his primary company.

Do you think that maybe learning how to set up an article marketing campaign the correct way is something that’s worth looking into? (Fo’ Sho!)

I know that it can sound like a pretty tall order when you’re first getting started, especially if writing is something that doesn’t come natural to you (it doesn’t for me), so let’s start with the basics of using articles to augment your MLM recruiting efforts.

Here are the three biggest challenges that most people will encounter at the beginning:

1. Most people who try to use the internet for their MLM recruiting have crappy or non-existent landing pages. Without a good place to send the interested people who are reading your articles which will allow them to exchange their contact information for some additional value that you provide, 95% of your work is wasted. That’s a subject for another time, but if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can take a look at mine for some ideas.

2. The people who do have a good MLM recruiting funnel in place don’t get enough traffic to the website to even have a chance at success. To generate enough leads to be reasonably successful with your recruiting efforts, you need a couple thousand unique visitors to your website each month at a minimum. Any less and you then have to be unusually talented at things like copywriting and phone prospecting/closing to make up for it.

3. The vast majority of people who tackle article marketing do not produce enough content consistently. This should really be #2.5 since it’s tied to your amount of traffic, but in order to drive a tidal wave of free traffic to your MLM recruiting funnel, you need to have a lot of “lines in the water” in the form of numerous articles. Start with a goal to have your first 30 articles published no later than 6 weeks from today. You can take longer if you absolutely need to, but keep in mind that it can take a while for the cumulative effect of these articles to generate a lot of traffic for you.

To put it in simpler terms with an example, if each article sends you only 2 people per day to your site and you only have 2 articles written, you get 120 visitors that month (2 articles X2 people X30 days) and are probably pretty frustrated since you’re not seeing any results.

But if you have 30 articles that each send 2 people per day to your MLM recruiting system, my calculator says that’s 1800 people every month who have been introduced to who you are and what you do. Your exact numbers will vary some (hopefully more than 2 people per day from each article), but you can see the power of having a lot of content out there on the interwebs, right?

Here’s My Challenge To You, Should You Wish To Accept (and get a lot of traffic in the process)

Write ONE 600-800 word article per day for the next 30 days and submit it to the top 10 article submission directories (Google “article directory”). Your efforts will be compounded 10X if you’re using automatic article submission software to spin and distribute the articles for you, but writing and manually distributing one article per day to the top 10 sites is doable.

Do this for the next month and you will start seeing some leads come through your MLM recruiting funnel. If you’re stuck, I’ll be releasing my video training series in the near future which will cover some advanced strategies including how find topics that your prospects will actually want to read about AND how you can be among the first results they find by cherry picking the right keywords, so keep your eye out for that.

Here’s one final thought: If you want to have the lifestyle that 97% of the population doesn’t, you have to be willing to do the little things that the top 3% do each day. You’ll never regret that you did. (Someone get the Pulitzer people on the phone…)

To You Surpassing Your MLM Recruiting Dreams,

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When I first became involved in MLM, I struggled more in my recruiting efforts than in anything I’d ever attempted in my whole life. I mean I did very well in school, was good at sports (except for basketball), and was even recruited into the Naval Nuclear Engineering Program right out of high school, so I figured that I’d be equally successful in my new business. Makes sense, amirite?


I was doing everything my upline told me to do, but no matter what I did I just couldn’t reach my MLM recruiting goals. Does that sound familiar?

Here’s the reason that I’m taking the time to write this article – I don’t want you to have to go through the soul-crushing failures in MLM that I did.  Plus, I figure that if if this article helps you with your MLM recruiting, you’ll probably return the favor by sharing this with some other people who may be struggling as well.  *hint* :D

Anyways, after many years of hard work, struggle, and persistence, I finally began recruiting MLM distributors into my primary company, almost at will. If you follow what I’m about to share with you, it will absolutely put you on the fast track to hitting any MLM recruiting goals that you’ve set for yourself and your business.

Here are 5 amazingly simple things you can start doing right now, and if you put forth some concentrated effort every day for the next 100 days, you will be recruiting 1-3 people per week (some would even argue per day) into your company.

1. Stop spending huge amounts of money on books, courses and seminars. I’m serious. The only book I’d recommend you pick up if you haven’t already, is Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring because it’ll teach you the principles you need to understand if you ever want to stop chasing after people and begging them to join your business. Otherwise, skip the latest and greatest course or seminar that promises to revolutionize your business.

The reason is you’re going to be better off spending that money on inexpensive tools you’ll need if you want to hit your MLM recruiting goals FASTER than you ever thought possible. Since there is only so much time and money that you’ll be able to spend on building your business, you’re going to need the time, money, and energy that you’re spending right now going to hotel meetings, attending seminars, or studying the newest course to invest into something that will actually help build your business.

2. The next thing is you’re going to need to change your focus to the same activity that the top MLM recruiters have all successfully done, and that is BUILDING A LIST of targeted prospects. Notice I said building and not buying. Buying a list of strangers that don’t know who you are is the best way to waste weeks talking to people who aren’t interested and is the surest path to MLM recruiting hell. I’ve done it and would have quit the network marketing industry a long time ago if I had to keep doing that.

All you’re going to focus your efforts on for the next 100 days is building your list (and maximizing your recruiting from your list, of course). No cold calling, buying “opportunity leads”, or chasing after your friends and family for the 12th time, OK? The good thing is there are A TON of ways to build your own list, but in my opinion the best way is through the Internet as you’ll see.

3. Set up an online network marketing system with your articles, videos, and training to educate people on the MLM industry and to showcase your knowledge as a potential sponsor. You need to stop endlessly promoting your company-replicated website and/or your upline’s site, because it will never help to show YOUR true value as a leader.

Think about it -  If you’re going about your MLM recruiting by sending  people to your upline’s website, they probably won’t want to be involved in your business; they’ll want to join your upline’s business instead. Does that make sense? The underlying principle behind this is something that all of the top earners have been practicing for the past 50 years when they had their downlines running around town handing out tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, etc. of them to their prospects. That’s a subject for another time, though…

You don’t want to spend a lot of time building websites in the beginning either. It’s extremely time-consuming and burns through hours that you could be spending promoting your website and building your list. Hitting your MLM recruiting targets is the end goal of all of your efforts, and frankly you’ll most likely get frustrated and quit before the 100 days are up if you are spending countless hours trying to build capture pages on a website. I use a system that allows me to customize it however I want, but you can also hire someone to design a basic website for you relatively inexpensively (usually under $1000).

4. Next you need to set up a recruiting funnel to market affiliate products to your list while still sharing your value as a leader. The reality is it takes some time to develop enough quality relationships with your prospects to effortlessly hit your MLM recruiting goals of 1-3 per week, so in the meantime the best way to make money with your list is to offer them valuable products and services. This will provide you the immediate cash flow you need to cover your business overhead as you’re getting started. The key to this is to only offer programs of real value that will truly help these people whether or not they join your business, and they will LOVE hearing from you.

Just don’t forget to continually provide valuable content as well, or you could risk losing people if all you do is market products. Remember, the main purpose of your list is to showcase yourself as a leader in this industry.

5. Make a commitment to stick with the process for the full 100 days. Write articles, do videos, build relationships via social media, but do whatever you have to until you’re adding at least 25 people per day to your list. If you don’t know how, there are many resources that can show you how to do it (I’m currently putting together a comprehensive training series that will show my process, so stay tuned for that if you’re stuck).

Imagine for a moment how, not only your business, but how your life will be different when you have people contacting you and asking to join your business. How will that affect your MLM recruiting efforts?

All you need to do is to move forward and dedicate yourself to following these steps for the next 100 days. If you do, you’ll be able to recruit distributors into your MLM company at will who will be grateful to have you as their sponsor.

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Let’s break through any and all barriers to your success,

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