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eFoods Global (aka Sundance Global) is a new  network marketing company currently in its pre-launch phase (goes live in Nov. 2010) that is taking planning for the future to a whole new level. As an MLM offspring of non-perishable/storable foods company, eFoodsDirect,  its goal is to help people prepare for good and bad times by providing them with high-quality, storable food that they’ll actually want to eat and to help its Independent Business Owners make a substantial income  in the process.

eFoods Global (Sundance Global) Scam Review

On the plus side, their product is one the “best in class” when it comes down to the storable foods market and has been for the past 28 years through eFoodsDirect. If you’re like me, the thought of storable food brings to mind the barely edible rations that have been passed off as food for the military for the last 75 years. Thankfully, that’s not the case with eFoods Global (Sundance Global).

Even though the food is dehydrated and has a shelf life of about 15 years, everything is made from fresh raw foods, and they don’t use any genetically modified ingredients, trans fats, or garbage like MSG to make it edible. The food packages range from a one week supply all the way up to a year’s worth of storable food called the Freedom Package. Honestly, I didn’t really see the appeal of the concept at first, but after poking around the eFoods Global (Sundance Global) website, they did raise some very valid points on why someone would want to have their own stock pile of food. Don’t read if you plan on going to bed tonight, though… :D

With most people who are researching the network marketing industry for the first time, one of the main questions that they have is, “Is this a scam?”. One of the easiest ways to tell if you’re looking at a legitimate business opportunity is to ask yourself, “What product or service does this company provide?”. If you can’t easily tell, that’s a strong indication that you should probably run!

Review of Sundance Global (eFoods Global) Business

There’s not a ton of information currently out there about the compensation plan, but it’s based on a binary model which means that your business is built with two separate “legs”. They pay 10% weekly commissions on the volume of the smaller leg, and include up to a 25% bonus match on your personally recruited IBO’s that you’ll be training. There will probably be additional bonuses and commissions that you can earn which will be announced after eFoods Global (Sundance Global) officially launches this month.

There are a few incentives that they are offering to people who join ($29.95 fee) before they launch:

- All new IBO’s will receive a voucher for $20 worth of free food (and an additional $20 for every 2 people they refer who use their vouchers).
- Until11/15/10, the company is giving it’s IBO’s one share in it’s Global Founders Pool where the company will share 1% of it’s revenues with the IBO’s who start early.

The truth is that even if you get in with a company like eFoods Global (Sundance Global) at the beginning, it’s not a guarantee at success or a magic bullet that’s going to make everything easy. You still need to learn how to properly market your business so you won’t have to live or die by whether or not your best friend decides to  join you. My recommendation is to find a mentor who can link arms with you and show you how to properly generate leads for your business, because as we all know, leads are the lifeblood of your business.

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Sundance Global (eFoods Global) in any way and am providing an unbiased review to help you determine for yourself if it’s a scam or legitimate business.)

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